Regions in Context


Dagmar Škodová Parmová
Zuzana Dvořáková Líšková
Kolektiv Autorů


Regional development is a complex of processes within regions, related to positive economic, social, environmental and other changes in the region. In general, development is described as “a process of positive change, usually an improvement in the quantitative but, in particular, qualitative characteristics of an area.” Regional development, and regional policy, as a public policy, aiming for balanced regional development, takes place in a number of follow-up steps. Addressing the challenges of regional development of today’s world, political, environmental, and financial, puts economic science to be discussed in a wider context. It means, the economic, social and environmental and ethical context of economic thinking, including its theoretical assumptions and practical consequences. The aim of the book “Regions in Context” is to describe the above mentioned important conditions and deal with the development in the regions from different perspectives. For that reason, the authors of the book include the regional development professionals, and also economists and professionals in other disciplines. The book is intended for a wider audience, primarily from academics and students of social sciences. Its aim is to contribute to the necessary debate on regional development.

Cover for Regions in Context